Life Chi all-in-one Feng Shui Crystals

Give You More Joy, High Chi Water and EMF Protection

Joyous Life

An all around lower stress, better, more connected and joyous life

Feng Shui

Easy and effective Feng shui with all the benefits but none of the esoteric practices or work

EMF Protection

Superior electromagnetic field (EMF) protection from cell phones, computers, power lines

High Chi Water

Unlimited delicious High chi naturally structured enhanced and activated water to drink and shower with

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Your purchase includes Life Chi Feng Shui Crystals on their marble base with drawstring bag (designs vary) and owner's manual

You may know a bit about feng shui and how it can help everyone have better lives by correcting the chi in their homes and businesses. You may know how esoteric it is and hard to implement it can be.

Life Chi Feng Shui makes it quick and easy!

We use highly energized natural crystals with the power of a multitude of feng shui cures, space clearings, EMF protection and water activation devices and much more. This energy is emanated in clients’ homes taking the place of the way feng shui used to be done.

The essence of life is joy and delight. Good chi for you and your family, business or municipality help this remarkably. Now it is available in an easy to use form. It encompasses many disciplines, is easily affordable and convenient.

The story starts with the practice of bringing sacred energy into ones home. This is most commonly called feng shui which is a 5000 year old discipline from not only China and other areas in the Far East. Just about every ancient culture has a version of sacred energy flow for buildings. So many problems can be avoided or eliminated if sacred energy flow used when designing buildings. Unfortunately, you are likely living and working in buildings where this wasn't taken into account. There is an easy way to correct this!

Perhaps a customer testimonial speaks to what good chi flow can be like "

Life Chi Feng Shui Crystals are synergistically sound and deeply profound. My home office is a sanctuary thanks to these creations.
I.A.H. in Mexico

EMF Protection

EMFIn the past 100 years (which is but a blink of an eye in human time) we have become surrounded by both weak and powerful electromagnetic fields (EMF). Our nervous system operates on mili and microvolt levels and even weak artificial fields can interfere with our body’s natural functioning and our well being. Life Chi is a potent EMF protection tool which sends positive chi to counter EMF. Using advanced principles of chi our highly energized crystals send out protective energy to you and your family everywhere, at home or away. All this without having to wear a pendant. More on EMF protection.

High Chi Water

WaterfallIf you have ever drank water fresh from a high mountain stream or pure water from a spring, you know how great it tastes and feels. Back in the city filters can remove many toxins to improve water, but the chi is still lacking. Life Chi's abundant energy raises the chi, structuring, enhancing and activating all the water in your home so it feels more alive. Users report drinking more and finding it more satisfying even compared to other beverages. Plus because this powerful system activates all your home's water, your shower will be lively and plants happier too. More on high chi water.

The crystals you gave me for my water has helped so much just by changing the taste and it seems to quench my thirst better. Being I'm drinking 3-4 liters of water per day it helps to know it's working with my own chi.
Heidi Perry

15th anniversary seal

So interesting that you follow up. I find that refreshing. Yes, I did notice a great ease return to my life and my family. You are right about it happening in a way that feels so natural you forget what is was before. I feel great energy and joy! I send you thanks in my heart everyday for whatever you did to bring this energy forward. I am very sensitive and live by my intuition and guidance. That is how I found lifechi. My house had a great tension and so did we. We are all greatly relieved. I had tried in vain through a multitude of ways to bring harmony to my home and was completely discouraged. Although I never ever give up.

My dreams are lucid and I am flying in them again, I flew most every night as a child. Thankyou for being so activated and immediate and present, it matters.


Is it time for Life Chi?

To make Life Chi affordable to everyone we ask that you buy according to your home and income, as compared to the typical for your country:

Or use our 6 month payment plan
You will pay for one month and receive your crystal now, then automatically make five more payments from your credit or debit card

* If your home and income are different, choose the fairest option. The feng shui will work whichever option you choose, we just want to make it affordable to everyone.
* If these prices are too high please contact us and we will work with you
* If you simplify your life after purchase we are happy to give you a part refund
* If your income or home grow, you are welcome to make an additional donation but none is required

Your Purchase Includes

  • Life Chi Crystal set for your home including home businesses*
  • Contact us for business use and gift packs.
  • An attractive drawstring bag
  • Owner's manual with easy life enhancing tips
  • Lifetime 100% +$20 money back guarantee
  • Free lifetime phone and e-mail support
  • Free US shipping, reasonable international rates**
  • And of course, a better more joyous life!

Some of our clients are so happy with their results they donate extra. Extra donations give thanks for benefit received which is well beyond the purchase price. They will also go to help distribute Life Chi Crystals to extremely low income households worldwide, to programs to enhance the earth's energy and promote world peace and sanity. More info on donations.

One of our goals is to feng shui 1 in 10 houses worldwide in the next 10 years. If our pricing isn't fair for you please contact us. We'll work out a fair arrangement.

* Only one set is needed per home but it is good to have one for every home you live in. Feng shui for your home businesses is included. We advise contractors and others who work elsewhere to also purchase a crystal for their home and another for your business. If you can only afford one it is best to start with your home. For business pricing contact us.

* We usually ship the same or next business day unless we have an unusually large number of orders. At those times thanks for your patience.


There are many ways to feng shui your home

Chinese lo pan compass
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One way to feng shui your home is to hire a feng shui practitioner and to follow their recommendations which are often just about as esoteric, confusing and often don't fit into a Western style decor. Shown to the left is the round feng shui lo pan. It is a compass surrounded by concentric feng shui symbols and Chinese symbols which when coordinated with your birth date get interpreted to show auspicious door and item placement for you. There are some truly beautiful ones made of brass but very few people understand how to properly use them. Through history there have been other feng shui systems. We've written an An Irreverent History of Feng Shui you might enjoy.

Holistically Sound, Spiritual but Non-Religions

Body Mind Soul SpiritMany feng shui methods are expensive as numerous consultations would usually be needed. Twenty five years ago feng shui books started appearing for do-it-yourselfers. They cost less and were esoteric and more confusing than hiring a consultant because you had to figure it all out yourself.

All good feng shui enhances the user's life. However some feng shui methods enhance life to a greater degree than appropriate. Initially this may seem helpful, but you can't get around the immutable laws of energy flow and the long term result does not look good.

Every ancient civilization recognized the need for good energy flow and developed systems of harmonizing it for better life. Most of them are based in their esoteric traditions. Life Chi Feng Shui is based in pure energy flow and crystals which are some of nature's energy powerhouses. We energize crystals in a proprietary way with spiritually high energy but non religious meditations so they will work with whatever religious or spiritual system you embrace. Meditation is something all ancient people also used. Life Chi is modern and deeply spiritual to help bring peace between all people.

Intimacy and Sexuality

Affectionate CoupleThe owner’s manual you will receive with your crystals includes a great collection of exercises and ways to enhance your sexuality. Some come from the realm of Tantra, some other places. All can enhance your love life, connect you more with life's pure abundant energy and really rock your boat.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee (+$20!)

Guarantee SealLife Chi is the easiest most effective form of feng shui. We want you to try it and so we are offering what must be the solidest guarantee anywhere. We offer you not only a lifetime money back guarantee but will give you $20 extra back if you are dissatisfied for any reason. Sometimes results are close to instantaneous but other times they take a while to show their effect, so to receive the extra $20 you need to try them for at least a year. We have a return rate of 1 percent and so we are almost 100% sure you will enjoy their benefit too.

Who Doesn't Life Chi Work For?

Question Mark In 15 years a few small groups have emerged

  • People who just can't be around crystals. You'd know if you are one of them.
  • People who have so much identity tied up in complaining, fear or pain that they just can't imagine life without it. Some of these find joy is truly better, some do not.
  • People who forget how much their life has changed with Life Chi. See Jim's story.
  • People who want more money NOW! Nothing else matters. Again, please see Jim's story.
  • People who for religious reasons believe feng shui is wrong and can't be convinced otherwise. Feng shui and crystals are clearly in the bible, though you have to know some Chinese and Hebrew to make the connection. Having something in your home that you fear can, but interestingly doesn't always, create disharmony.
  • People who prefer the challenge and practice of traditional feng shui.
If you're not in one of these groups, and perhaps even if you are, Life Chi should be great for you.

More advanced than any other system

In higher level feng shui circles it is known that the fewer cures (implements) used to harmonize the chi in a building, the better. Practitioners engage in ongoing training to make their cures more powerful and effective. Life Chi takes this practice to a previously unherad of level: One cure takes care of all the energy adjustments needed. And in most homes, that's a lot!


resultsWords Start to Describe Experiences

The best way to explain what Life Chi does for the nine feng shui areas (which include all facets of life) is by examples from our clients.

Medical Practitioner1   Health

  • A man who had a prostate condition found it remarkably improved literally overnight.
  • A pre-teen boy who had been refusing to eat vegetables started eating them freely and even requesting raw broccoli.
  • A middle age woman's hearing improved four months after getting her crystals.
  • A long time fibromyalgia sufferer reported her intense pain was significantly lessened in 10 days.
  • For over 10 years a woman had an eye muscle which did not work properly and caused her to see double. She had been doing eye exercises the entire time but her condition had not changed. The day after she received her Life Chi Feng Shui Crystals her condition started to improve.
  • A diabetic’s blood sugar level stabilized.

Abundance2   Abundance

  • A year prior to receiving his Life Chi Crystals, a consultant had given up on collecting from a non-paying client. One week after receiving his crystals, he received a check for payment in full, still not having even contacted the client.
  • A million square foot warehousing and distribution center's volume picked up remarkably within three months.
  • A river running service had many record breaking days the summer they received their crystals, in 2008, a recession year.
  • Within 1 year, the personnel and funding problems a non-profit agency had experienced were solved. Even during the 2008 recession, they remained in operation when many other non-profits in their area closed.
  • A large machine shop flew through the same recession increasing their business dramatically while similar shops were downsizing.
  • Gratitude! Some clients are so happy with the abundance Life Chi has helped them receive they send extra donations, so far ranging from $6 to $540. Flow is circular. Giving back is in keeping with the ancient tradition of thanking and helping those who have helped you. It also passes on the benefit as we distribute Crystals to those who can't afford the full price and do other philanthropic work.
  • Will you receive extra abundance? Do you truly need it? Do you need to be more appreciative of what you have? Some combination? Money is needed but can turn into an overriding desire. Life Chi will help you find balance, whatever your needs.

Children3   Dependents - children, employees and creative projects

  • Despite having a great mom whose other child was wonderful, a five year old boy was doing virtually everything wrong and everyone thought he was on his way to becoming a juvenile delinquent. The family got their Crystals and within two months he had turned so much around including caring about his sister instead of tormenting her.
  • A standoffish teen started hugging her mother and became more a part of the family again.
  • A teen who bordered on being a juvenile delinquent had always disrupted her family's Christmas celebrations. They had their first pleasant holiday season.
  • A grocery store's employee morale improved and with no promotions it enjoyed its best sales the first week in January, which is usually a slow time.

Purpose4   Career and Life Purpose

  • A musician started being recognized for the excellent artist she is and more bookings came her way without extra effort.
  • A man was concerned about his sister who had been downsized from her travel industry job. Her peers were taking lower paying jobs out of necessity. He bought a Crystal for her and she found a more rewarding higher paying one which also provided additional training, taking her career to another level.
  • A couple often attended business networking functions. The wife would socialize, but the husband didn't feel comfortable and mostly sat alone. Shortly after receiving their Crystals he started to mingle at these get-togethers.

Fame5   Fame - Reputation

  • A man who had been ridiculed and outcast by many started experiencing their kindness.
  • A school teacher had left her job and tried unsuccessfully to make ends meet by doing private tutoring. She barely had a trickle of students until she received her Life Chi Feng Shui Crystals. Within two weeks she had an ever increasing stream of students who she enjoyed teaching, primarily from word of mouth. And, she entered a wonderful new relationship!

Partners6   Primary Relationship (partners in life or business)

  • A couple who had financial arguments since they met resolved them quickly.
  • A lot of couples find they get along better and argue less. They often look upon the changes as a miracle.
  • A few couples who had been in great pain, often for years, received clarity, that they would be better off and happier if they separated.
  • A military family’s sense of separation was eased.
  • A man who had been single for a long time found a wonderful partner.

Heart7   Helpful People

  • A man with a painful, baffling medical condition finally found a doctor who could help him.
  • A man who had been shunned and treated unkindly by many people found more kindness in the world.
  • An inn received a visit from a NY Times travel reporter and received a nice write up.

Light8   Self Knowledge

  • A bright woman in a dead end office job got the clarity and courage to go back to school and become a Naturopathic Doctor.
  • A woman found her intuition increased dramatically.
  • Before her lease expired, a woman looked around and found a nicer home for the same rent.

DNA9   Ancestors - connecting with and benefiting from parents, others senior to you and that which came before

  • A man who had been challenged at connecting with his religious lineage found an older and wiser aspect to relate to.
  • A few words from an 84 year old client: "Companioned with sunlit water, the crystals have opened new vistas to health"

When all of life's nine guas (areas) are flowing properly life is easier and more joyous. You can see how the areas overlap. This is one reason why traditional feng shui forms can be challenging to benefit from. You may think you have a health problem but the cure may be in helpful people. Abundance can easily be affected by all the guas. If one is off, life suffers. Correct the chi properly and life improves.


Clutter Clearing

Clear"I find myself great joy clearing the clutters. I cleaned so much from morning till night. I was surprised my parents let me change a lot of things in the house. Usually, they are very adamant about me (not) changing anything in the house. Now, I'm almost done. The house now looks very clean, ordered, spacious, bright and attractive. Before the clutter clearing, I'm the one that always make a mess of the house. Now, I'm the one that cannot tolerate disorderliness. During and after this process of clutter clearing, I do begin to feel clearer, and have a little more energy."
Alan Choy

Emotion and Energy Clearings

ClearingsMany of the problems we label as emotional are actually based in poor chi. Correcting it in our buildings and us can remove the emotional problem.

A contractor was doing an exterior siding replacement and remodel for a woman who berated him and his crew so much the crew was ready to quit. She was blaming the mold in the walls on him (he hadn’t built the house, he just was fixing it) and flying off the handle about the increasing cost from the mold remediation. Twenty minutes after his wife brought their new Life Chi Feng Shui Crystals to the job site, the home owner came out and offered the crew soft drinks. She had transformed from a lion to a lamb.

The problem in her case was many conflicting roof angles on her home which caused conflicts between people. This is just one of thousands of potential feng shui problems which Life Chi alleviates, without any work on your part.

Experiencing the Chi in Life Chi

infinityFeng Shui is non-linear. The litmus test is what will it do for you? Just like anything new or not well known, it needs to be experienced. Some people who sense chi comment that the crystals feel warm to the touch. This is one way to sense their activity which is not just linear.

Not too little, not too much

Flow Buildings are supposed to have properly flowing chi. When it’s flowing in the right way, life blossoms. This report came from a woman who moved into a home with excessive chi: She had to take 3 sleeping pills every night after she moved, and even then had restless nights. She wanted to put Life Chi to the test so the first night with her Crystals she didn't take any sleeping pills. She slept soundly the entire night. Sometimes the results are fast!

How Does It Work?

Flow Energy is an amazing realm. For example, scientists at the Imperial College in London have succeeded in making matter out of light (photons). Looking at quantum physics it becomes clear there is a lot more than what meets the eye.

Working with and regulating chi is a key to feng shui, EMF protection, high chi water and a better life. Chi is a refined form of energy. An analogy: If we think of electricity which is another form of energy, we know that too much can be disastrous, but too little is also problematic. Generators regulate how much voltage they put out. Power supplies in computers and other equipment fine tune that further. They not only regulate voltage but also protect the circuits from too much current, high temperatures and more. You don't have to think about all these things because engineers already have. If they hadn't, you'd sure know about it and electronics wouldn't function well.

Just like with electronics, regulating chi is a specialized field. Life Chi regulates the chi in your home and your life, increasing it where needed, reducing it where there is too much. You don't have to think about it because we will take care of it for you.

Wu Hsing Shi Yau - Medicine Without Form

Chinese HerbsThe Chinese phrase Wu Hsing Shi Yau literally means Medicine Without Form. An example of this high level practice may best illustrate it. If a Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner knows a certain herb would help her client, if she doesn’t have it in her clinic, she can energetically transmit the benefit of that herb to their client without the physical herb. Life Chi uses some of this principle to enhance your life.

Nesting Chi

Your home is your nest, where you feel at home. You go out in the world with its chi. With better chi in your home, you go out with better chi and have a better life. It is best to have a crystals set for every home you own. When you travel though, your nest’s chi follows you so there is no need to have your crystals with you.

World Peace

PondAs each Life Chi Crystals sends out positive chi like ripples in a pond. More sources of peaceful ripples raises the chi of the vicinity. Having a more peaceful home will send you out in the world with a more peaceful attitude which in turn influences everyone you interact with… causing more beautiful ripples!

Life Chi for Businesses and Municipalities

PuzzleJust as Life Chi works on a small scale for homes, it can help your situation too, but in a bigger way. Laser focused consultations with our Feng Shui Master are avaialble.

Life is supposed to be a joy!


There has been a quickening in my life since I got my Crystals. It has supported me. I am enjoying being with myself more than ever. My health has improved. My life has become a greater adventure than ever before.
This is not a system you have to believe in or even know exists. If one person in a home or business purchases a set of Life Chi Crystals and keeps it a secret gift, everyone will benefit. AF

And Even More! Life Changing Wisdom With Your Order

ManualIf you take the time to read a book or go to a seminar to learn a technique which ends up not helping you, you'll be disappointed. We don't want you to be so we've created a 36 page owner's manual which includes a multitude of methods you may find useful but would usually have to read a book or go to a seminar to learn. If one item isn't helpful, you can quickly move on to another. Most are only a paragraph or two so everything is easy and quick. You'll find what works for you and integrate it into your life easily. There's even a section on the only scientifically proven way to change habits we've found. It's amazing. Some other items include

  • Powerful feng shui tips you can do yourself easily
  • Advanced energy practices in easy to understand language
  • Dietary and health insights
  • Methods to connect to the Universe's incredible chi more directly
  • Two simple, incredibly powerful Tantra techniques in everyday usable form. Why only two? These are by far the most important. Just like everything else in the owner's manual, we've condensed it so you get the very best, what you need and can use.

While the wisdom this contains is worth thousands of dollars, it is not for sale. It is our gift to you, even if you return your purchase. We want you to have the best life possible! What all this means for you is a better life with virtually no time or work.

We're Here!

Call Call or e-mail us if you have questions or just want to hear that we are real people! We’re here now and also after you receive your crystals to answer your questions and of course to hear your experiences.

Ready, Set…

YeaAre you ready to say YES to a 100% guaranteed better life? Order now to start experiencing it. After all, words are just words. Your experience will tell you Life Chi works!


GiftHow many people do you know who would like at least some part of their life improved? What better gift can you offer them? For orders of 1-4 crystals just use the Buy Now buttons. See our gift page for orders of five or more. Custom packaging is available for corporate and other quantity orders for riends, employees and customers.


Life Chi: Simply the Best Life Enhancement System

All crystal orders include a lifetime 100% money back guarantee. Your life will improve to your satisfaction or you will receive a 100% refund. If you have tried them at least a year you will receive an extra $20. We're that sure you will benefit greatly!

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