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Feng Shui Consultations for Homes and Businesses

While generally a consultation is not needed with Life Chi Feng Shui Crystals, if you are jump starting a business or have a home situation you would like maximum help with, laser focused consultations are available from our Feng Shui Master.

Travel and related expenses in North America are included but additional elsewhere. Consultations do not include Crystals. Purchase your consultation and we'll contact you to understand your situation and set an appointment date, or contact us for more details.

How Other Consultations Generally Work

Hiring a Feng Shui Practitioner or Master (we'll just call them practitioners) generally looks like this. You arrange with the practitioner to visit your home or business. S/he assesses the chi and makes recommendations and/or places energy shifting implements to correct the chi. However for practical reasons there are only so many corrections that can be done in one consultation despite the need for more. The practitioner needs to be called back again and again to fine tune the chi. If you remodel or just move a piece of furniture it's best to call your practitioner again.

What About a Consultation From Life Chi

Life Chi Feng Shui Crystals take care of all the chi adjustments so there is no need for our Feng Shui Master to address them. He can look at other elements which probably wouldn't be addressed until a number of consultations later if you had chosen a more traditional consultant. To give you the best advice possible he spends a great deal of time in preparation so consultations must be pre-paid.

Life Chi Feng Shui Consultations for Businesses

Life Chi Feng Shui takes care of so much from building shape to desk layout, but there are many other details that may be problematic. Our consultation will cover unusual feng shui aspects affecting your operation plus anything else we can find which has a major impact. What you tell us and what we share with you is confidential.

However because they are no longer in business and to learn how major some elements can be, we share an aspect of a business which by many accounts folded faster than any large US corporation in history. While their logo is in a western sense stylish, one look at it shows why they were unstable from the beginning and once things began to unravel, folded so fast. Do you have a sense which corporation we're talking about? There are thousands of potential problems. Your consultation will be thorough to uncover any problem blocking your success and give you quite a boost. Are you ready?

Laser Focused Consultation for my Business under 10,000 sq ft (930 sq meters)
Laser focused consultation for my business 10,000-1,000,000 sq ft (930-93,000 sq meters)
Laser focused consultation for my business over 1,000,000 sq ft (93,000 sq meters)
All business consultations are on-site

And for Homes

As Life Chi Feng Shui resolves the vast majority of problems you are likely to have, we ask that you first purchase a Crystal and observe the results for a month. If after that you would like a consultation, purchase one and we will contact you regarding scheduling and other details. Please note that for best results you should have one for each home you own or rent.

On Site Home Consultation
Remote Home Consultation

Are You House or Lot Hunting?

While the chi of your home is clearly important, the lot and neighborhood are often even more. We invite you to work with your real estate agent to find a few homes or lots you like, then have our Feng Shui Master use photos, Google Earth and his intuition to find the best one for you. He'll tune into many aspects rational decision making usually wouldn't address to find you a home you'll be happy in. Included will be the geomancy (earth energy) of the site, general feel of the neighbors and more. Your consultation package includes evaluating five homes or lots using pictures, Google maps, e-mail and phone.


How Effective is a Remote Consultation?

For many situations it is close to the effectiveness of an on-site consultation. For determining which home to buy it is equally effective as the details of how you will occupy the home aren't in place yet. However for businesses there are factors which almost always make an on-site consultation better.

All Consultations Include Follow-up

You will likely have questions. We want you to succeed and so all consultation packages include two in depth follow-up phone calls with our Feng Shui Master. You are invited to schedule these calls whenever would benefit you the most within a month after your main consultation.

Payment Terms and More Importantly, the Reason

All consultations are 100% prepaid. The reason for this is you will receive a better consultation that way. Our Feng Shui Master is keen at finding the root problems and very direct in communicating them. For some clients this is exactly what they are looking for. But not everyone is open to hearing what is wrong. Imagine if he had been called in to consult for the logo problem folks and the executives were attached to their logo, the one which caused much of their problems. There were likely other feng shui problems which needed correction. He would have had to argue persuasively, risking alienating them. If he had been paid in advance there would be no doubt about the strength of his delivery. If he was invoicing them, the possibility that they would not pay him might have kept him from strongly delivering his message and in turn the company might not have received what they really needed from the consultation.

The Ball's in Your Court!

Are you ready to move forward fast? If you're not sure, please think about it and reach a solid commitment. If you're ready purchase your consultation now.

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