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You may hardly know what high chi water is like. Pumping, storing, chlorinating and more drain the chi out of water. You can filter it to remove chemicals but the chi still is just there.

It is quite present though in a mountain stream. Picture the pure energy of that water coming out of your faucet and showering in it and you have an idea of what Life Chi will do to your water. We invite you to experience it.

How High is Life Chi High Chi Water?

In February, 2000* Walber Pinto, who had been both an IBM physicist and a protege of Marcel Vogel, who is reknown in the world of crystals, set out to discover ways of activating (raising the chi) of water. Walber Pinto was working with two like-minded scientists to energize drinking water to make it more life enhancing, for the benefit of humankind and all living things.

They tested various methods to achieve this, in search of the most efficient method. On the measuring system they were using, a reading of 6,000 was considered neutral, it neither took away from, nor enhanced life. Two methods Walbur and the other scientists tested to activate water brought the readings up into the 8,000-10,000 range.

Two methods brought it up to 14,000, the highest reading they obtained. With one technique, only a small amount of water could be processed at a time. The water had to be placed in a small, specially shaped container with an electric motor that spun the water into a vortex.

The other method with a reading of 14,000 was a Life Chi Feng Shui Crystal. A Large quantity of water could have its chi raised using a single Crystal. It was most heartening when accredited scientists obtained these high readings.

There are many methods of activating water to make it healthier, to increase its life supporting energy. Some water structuring machines cost thousands! Yet they don't raise the chi as high as Life Chi Feng Crystals, and of course can't do your home's feng shui. Just having your Crystal in your home takes care of activation of all your tap water for drinking and all other purposes. What could be a simpler and more cost effective way to improve your water's chi? Note: If you are using chlorinated or polluted water, I recommend using a filter such as activated carbon to remove chemical impurities from your tap, well or spring water.

"The crystal you gave me for my water has helped so much just by changing the taste and it seems to quench my thirst better. Being I'm drinking 3-4 liters of water per day it helps to know it's working with my own chi and realigning the mineral components in the water."
Heidi Perry

* The energy contained in today's Life Chi Crystals is far more than in 2000 when Walber Pinto and others tested it, so it will raise the chi of your water even higher.

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