Jim's Story
Some People Have "Problems" with Life Chi

A man we'll call Jim (his name has been changed but all the other details are accurate) called. His speech was so slurred that he had to be asked to repeat a lot of what he said. Jim said his life was not what he wanted it to be. It had been miserable for the past 20 years. He was lonely. He said that while he had enough money for the basics, he really wanted more. The conversation lasted about half an hour mostly because he had to repeat so much to be understood. About a week later he ordered his Crystals. A month after receiving them he called again, in tears saying things weren't getting better. Even though he was crying his voice was a bit clearer than in the first conversation.

We told Jim we would meditate on his situation and see if there was anything else which could be done by developing new programming and sending it to his Crystal. After meditation we saw no new programming was needed and that his life would get noticeably better within two months. we called and told him that.

Two months later we called to check in. He answered the phone and his voice was almost completely understandable. This was mentioned to him and he didn't have anything to say about it. He said there had been no changes since when we last spoke. Then he thought about it for a moment and said, "Well, people are treating me better, they are being nicer to me." He sounded relieved to realize things were getting better.

Nine more months passed. A padded envelope arrived in the mail. Inside was a note saying he had not received any benefit and was returning his purchase for a refund. What had gone wrong? We called Jim. He said his life wasn't any better now than when he purchased his Crystals. His voice was even clearer and he didn't need to repeat anything to be understood. When reminded of his clearer voice and of how it used to be plus our conversation nine months ago and how he said people were treating him better he said he didn't remember that he had ever been any different than he was now. He mentioned he had what was usually considered an incurable degenerative neuro-muscular condition.

When asked, "What are you wanting?" He responded with two words, "More money." What else could be said? Having been excited at his improvement, we felt disappointed but sent his refund.

The reason forgetting like this happens is that by releasing some of life's burdens, you have more room for joy. Your owner's manual has an area to write your present challenges. Please use it. You can hide it away and you need not return the owner's manual if you ever return your Crystals. If you like, you may also call and chat for a few minutes before you make your purchase. We can take some notes to refresh your memory in case you forget like Jim did.

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