Life Chi Feng Shui Gifts

GiftIf you're looking for the perfect gift for just about everyone, this may be it! What is better than a better life? Plus as Life Chi is still a budding phenomena most people don't have one yet.

We've been asked if it's OK to keep one for yourself at the reduced price and the answer is a clear yes. Just contact us and we can quote you a special price for five or enough for your entire extended family, employees or loyal customers.

Customized owner's manuals are available with the first page anything you like. Wish your family or employees a great year, thank great customers and include a picture if you like if you like. We can also enclose a greeting card you provide. Prices include mailing all gift packs to one address. Mailing to individual addresses in the US adds $3 each and $10 each internationally.

Gift pack
for 5 homes
Gift pack
for 20 homes
Gift pack
for 50 homes
Gift pack
for 100 homes

For larger quantities or ones between standard gift pack sizes please contact us.

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