Clutter Clearing

"It is not about having what we want, but wanting what we have."

The Dalai Lama

One of the most important aspects of Feng Shui is loving what you have and letting go of the rest. Life Chi Crystals help relieve the heavy burden of your clutter. Many of us know we need to do something about "all that stuff" but somehow cannot deal with it. Once the weightiness of the clutter is lifted, it will be easier for you sort through your possessions. You will become aware of what possessions you really love, use and serve you.

Ridding yourself of clutter , including items that were once of value to you, or items you thought might be needed in the future, makes room for what you really want and need NOW. As you identify and release your clutter, you free up the energy held there for more constructive purposes. Your life may take off in ways you never thought possible.

Clearing your clutter is essential in feng shui. What you want is available to you, but there may be no room in your home and life for it! Letting go of what no longer serves must occur before more treasures can come into our lives. Releasing clutter can help you clear life patterns that no longer serve you. Conversely, when you free yourself from old life patterns and you become clearer, you may also become aware of more things that you no longer need and are suddenly a great pleasure to release!

If you've never tried to get rid of your clutter, give it a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what happens. But if you have tried but were less than successful, you're not alone -- clutter is a disease (perhaps addiction?) of Western civilization. To clutter addicts, this task can seem insurmountable. But your Life Chi Crystal will support you in making room for what serves you now. It will help you find your way to move your clutter out of your life -- whether by recycling it, giving it as a gift, selling or donating it -- more easily than ever before. It could even be a joy! If this were the sole function of your Crystal, the benefits which resulted would be well worth its price.

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