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A business had been having troubles including even finding a manager and being profitable ever since it first opened. No surprise as its situation had a combination of some of the worst feng shui characteristics: It was a bowl shaped piece of land. Just like cold stagnant air settles in bowl shaped land forms, so too does stagnant chi. Life rarely goes anywhere. It was next to a cemetery. Nothing like being close to death to hold life back.

  • It was on the old town dump. Whatever happened on the site remains till it is cleared. Trash follows trash.
  • There was a swamp in back of the building.
  • It was below the road which feeds it. Businesses get the runoff from the road instead of being in a high respectable commanding position above it.
  • Its front door was on the downhill side of the lot. You want the front door on the uphill side.
  • There were also some major building problems including the stairway from the second floor was aimed straight at the front door which causes wealth chi to leave the building.

After they received their Life Chi Feng Shui Crystals things picked up amazingly. It has now been open profitably for years.

Companioned with sunlit water, The crystal has opened new vistas to health.

– SS (84 years wise)

Everyone who knew this five year old boy saw him as nothing but trouble and highly likely to be in juvenile hall as soon as he was old enough to do serious damage. He'd been a screamer from birth, tormented his sister and the family pets. Two months after receiving their Life Chi Feng Shui Crystals he had turned around and was even doing caring things for his sister.

The beginning for me was watching my friend since she got her first Life Chi Crystal. As I watched her change, I became curious about crystals in general and these crystals in particular. When I heard you were coming to town I became interested in seeing the Crystals, and when you were here I got a few. I started wearing one immediately. I call it my pocket pal. The words which express what happened to me are that I feel like I am on that super fast Japanese bullet train, the good in my life has accelerated. I am having more clarity and more strength of purpose and more not only belief in myself, but belief in Spirit and recognizing the support of Spirit. Another thing is it has opened up many new vistas and opportunities like I quite my job as a receptionist and have a new focus for my life which is to keep opening to my own deepest purpose. As a part of that many opportunities have opened up such as I have started teaching, and developing seminars, am working on my own small business plan and am more in touch with Spirit. The other part is all about being grateful. I guess what has happened is it has livened up my heart. My heart feels warmer, more protected, freely giving and energized. I am believing in big possibilities for myself. I am open more to planetary vision.

– Dannelle of Serene Solutions in California

The crystal you gave me for my water has helped so much just by changing the taste and it seems to quench my thirst better. Being I'm drinking 3-4 liters of water per day it helps to know it's working with my own chi and realigning the mineral components in the water.

– Heidi Perry

There has been a quickening in my life since I got my Crystal. It has supported me. I am enjoying being with myself more than ever. My health has improved. My life has become a greater adventure than ever before.

– AF

I've been dowsing, or attempting to, with the pendulum for about 15 years, but always got confused before, so it was an on-and-off thing, mostly off. After we got the special crystal I just felt like getting out the pendulum, (praying for guidance from Christ, my higher self, and my guardian angel), and asking about some questions I've had about diet. It worked well, much better than ever before for me, with answers that were consistent and helpful. I've kept on using the pendulum to choose each meal, and supplements and amounts. Then some urgent health issues came up and the guidance-via-pendulum helped me through those. And yesterday I used it to successfully fend off an impending migraine by using the guidance which said to take extraordinary doses of an herb tea that I normally use in small amounts. It worked! No migraine. (This is major, because for me a migraine is total body misery and it pretty much stops all activity beyond mere survival.)

– Linda from Mt. Shasta, CA

Life Chi Crystals are synergistically sound and deeply profound. My home office is a sanctuary thanks to these creations.

– I.A.H. in Mexico

We were having some problems getting things to flow: funding was short, employees weren't working out, paper work was backing up... In the past year, our organizations problems seem to have melted away. We have enough funding to put some reserve away for a rainy day. We were able to remodel the library and buy hundreds of new books because we received a big grant last February (just after the crystals arrived). We heave even been able to increase staff hours and start some interesting new programs this year. How Life Chi Feng Shui works is mysterious to me, but I can tell you that I will not be moving those crystals soon. They are doing their job so we can do ours.

– Ann Beck, Ph.D. Executive Director Literacy Volunteers of Coconino County Arizona

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