Ponds, Water Gardens and Fountains

On a small but very significant level you can bring wind over water chi into your life quite easily. Putting a small pond in your yard is really quite simple. The basic steps are:

  • Dig a hole
  • Put a rubber or other waterproof liner in it
  • Add a few fish and pond plants (in pots)
  • Have a nice place to sit next to it
  • Add a water circulator with perhaps a waterfall
  • Enjoy!

The total cost for a 5' x 8' pond can be as low as 100 US$ or even less. It will take a day or two of digging to make a 3' x 5' pond. The mound of earth can be part of a mini-waterfall or stream, adding a pump to recirculate water. Plant the mound with flowers and create a rock stream bed where the water will flow. Lining the rock stream bed with scraps of rubber pond liner will prevent erosion. If your pond site is away from your house and running power to it would be a problem, there are solar powered pumps available which will work well as long as the site has direct sunlight.

Some garden supply stores sell pond liner. Check the phone directory under ponds. Additionally there are on-line sources but the liner is heavy so shipping is expensive.

Fish are necessary to eliminate mosquito larvae. The fish need not be a special type. Small goldfish are hearty and don't need to be fed as they eat insects which fall in the pond. If your pond is deep enough so that it does not freeze solid, the fish may be able to winter in a state of hibernation.

Pond plants provide a place for the fish to hide and rocks also serve this function. Fish that have a nice protected home are more relaxed, swim around more and are more pleasant to watch. If your pond has rocks that protrude slightly from the water, birds will enjoy visiting, drinking and taking a bath. Dragon flies and even water striders may magically appear! A bench or rounds of firewood provide a nice place to sit and relax.

Why do a pond when winter is coming??

  • Many pond suppliers will give you a discount on anything in stock, especially beautiful plants like water lilies..
  • When spring comes your pond is there for you - no work required!
  • You may have more time now, especially if you will garden in the spring

If you put in a pond, small or large, please write and share your experience, including a picture or two.

Indoor Fountains

You can certainly have a fountain indoors. Many are available. Make sure yours has a sound that you find pleasurable. Some splatter a bit so it is best placed where water will not harm anything. Take care of your fountain; add water as needed and wash it thoroughly every few weeks to remove scum. If you are in an area with high mineral content in the water, add a bit of lemon juice to help prevent mineral buildup.

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