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What Benefit is EMF Protection?

You will likely feel less stress and as many of your body's systems work on minute natural voltages which can be overwhelmed by external EMF's, your will likely be healthier in the long run.

Electromagnetic Field protection is important in today's world. Our bodies normally operate with miniscule naturally occurring voltages controlling not only our brain but other systems too. Our natural electrical system is fighting off the effects of cell phones, computers and even simple electric power lines. There are many products available to protect you from these fields. Some work better than others. Life Chi's sophisticated energized natural crystals not only are more effective than anything else on the market, they do much more than just basic or even advanced EMF protection. Yet they cost no more than most other EMF protection tools.

Basic EMF Protection

There are many devices on the market which you can put on your computer, cell phone, etc. to protect you from its EMF's. Life Chi Crystals do this.

Advanced EMF Protection

Nothing on the market that we have found transmits its protection to all the sources of EMF in your home and to you, no matter where you are. Life Chi Crystals contain sophisticated programming which connects with all household members and sends out positive chi to them, everywhere they go, to eliminate the need for individual cell phone EMF protectors and all other EMF protective devices. But they also do more to enhance your life!

What About EMF Protection Pendants?

Unlike EMF protection and feng shui pendants, you don't have to carry these with you. Just like a radio transmitter, these crystals send you helpful protective chi to counter whatever you may encounter. This chi follows you across town to your office, or across the globe.

What About EMF Reduction? Can It Be Measured?

These crystals protect you from electromagnetic fields. As such they reduce the effects these fields would otherwise have on you. However to actually reduce the fields themselves, you would need a carefully constructed room with wire mesh or other conductive medium thoroughly sealing out EMF's. This is typically only done in two situations. Some sensitive laboratories must be completely isolated from the outside world. Some equipment puts out such a strong field it must be contained in a special room. Rooms like this would not be healthy for people to live in as the naturally occurring electromagnetic fields of the earth and sun would also be blocked.

Just What Are EMF's?

Whenever electricity flows, be it in nature or through technology, it puts out an electromagnetic field. If you think of an electric magnet and how it can attract metal, this is one example. Other examples are radios of all kinds, computers, phones, even light bulbs. There are different EMF frequencies, some of which affect us more than others. Generally speaking though, it is good to avoid or be protected from all electromagnetic fields which disrupt our body's natural electrical flow.

How can something so simple be so effective, and at so many things? Using a combination of crystals and a complex series of meditations and empowerment enables these natural crystals to replace a number of other devices. You can liken it to a modern smart phone being not only a phone, but a computer, camera, GPS, game console and more. You are invited you to try Life Chi Crystals and experience the incredible power of simplicity.

What About Electrically Operated EMF Reduction Devices?

EMF protection devices which use electricity (and usually tiny computers and LED's) lok impressive. But they introduce their own interference. Do you want another electronic device, or would you rather have a natural crystal tool?


Some EMF protection devices use unknown elements and come in a sealed enclosure to keep them secret. Some of the packages warn you not to open them or they will loose their effectiveness. If you do open them you are likely to find a very small amount of powder. It's likely ground up crystals. We have found that grinding crystals reduces their effectiveness.

Still other units have impressive packaging but inside are natural crystals. With Life Chi you get to admire the beauty of natural crystals. Plus receiving energy from the crystals directly through your eyes enhances your experience. Packaging gets in the way.

A Story About Even More

One day when the creator of Life Chi Crystals was working on his laptop computer, well aware of the EMF shielding capabilities of the Crystals, an interesting thing occurred. He started feeling drained, tired and out of sorts. He stepped away from his laptop and felt better and wondered, what could be causing the problem?

Then he realized what was going on. The energy of two forces, in addition to EMF, were being emanated by my computer. First, highly toxic chemicals are used in production of computer chips and the essence (energy pattern) of the toxic chemicals was radiating out and affecting him. Additionally, computers are often manufactured in sweat shop conditions. The chi of the exploitive working conditions was making its way into my computer, and from it to him. To correct the problem he did additional empowerments with the crystals. He sat down once again at his laptop and felt great ever since. Of course, these programming elements and thousands of others are included in the crystal you will receive.

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