Free Feng Shui Hints, Tips and a Few Jokes

How do you know if there's an elephant in your bagua?

.........It won't fit in your home anymore.

Often do-it-yourself (DIY) feng shui involves looking for the esoteric things, yet often it's a simple approach which is not only best but easiest. These tips (and more in our free newsletter you can sign up for below) share these with you.


Whether you have a little or a lot, gratitude for it is an incredible tool. You may be thinking "it's too simple" but remember that often the best things are simple. Why get complex when the basic is so wonderful? Appreciation includes taking good care of what you have.

What's so Important About History?

You've heard the expression "history repeats itself." It especially is true about feng shui. Do you want a free expert consultation without having to pay a dime? Ask someone who has been living in your neighborhood a good while how the previous tenants in your home (or business for that matter) were. Homes place their energy imprint in the occupants for better or worse. Old timers in a neighborhood may say something like "every couple who moves into that home gets divorced" or "you know, someone in that home always seems to have cancer." Take their advice (not that they know they are giving it to you) to heart. Also thank them in any way you can because they just helped you enormously.

What do you do if they said (in their own way of course) that your home has feng shui problems? It's time for serious feng shui!!! Please find a great practitioner or to to our home page and get yourself a set of Life Chi Crystals.

Going the Feng Shui Book Route

How good are you at learning other subjects from a book? If you can honestly say you learned to paint, speak a foreign language, do advanced math, build a house or learned another interactive system from books, if you are meticulous, you are a good candidate to use feng shui books. If not, please consider that feng shui is as complex as any of those other endeavors.

Hiring a Feng Shui Practitioner

Perhaps you are thinking of hiring an expert. Anyone can call themselves a practitioner. Who is good? While many Feng Shui Practitioners advertise in places like new age journals which are generally available free at health food stores, traditionally they don't advertise, so some of the best may be lurking in close proximity and you'd never know it. Asking some friends who have tried feng shui is a good route, but don't just rely on what they tell you of their results as optimistic thinking can be in operation. If you've known them for a good while, look at how their lives have changed. Life will always have its ups and downs, even with quality feng shui, but the long term overall effect should be better.

You should ask about their training. It should include at the very least studying long term with a Feng Shui Master or students of a Master plus long term mentoring under at least one of those people. That they've been practicing a good while after such study is good. That they've been practicing without the study is not. Feng shui is a discipline passed down primarilly through the oral tradition.


Never try to talk a practitioner down in price. If you honestly can't afford their price, say so and if they offer discounts they will tell you. If not, find someone else or save up till you can afford them.

How many feng shui practitioners does it take to change a light bulb?

.........Feng Shui Practitioners don't change light bulbs, they only bless them.

How to Relate to a Feng Shui Practitioner

Huh?!? you might say. After all, you know English, so do they. What else is there to know? Ahh, but there is so much to share, where to start. Feng shui is an ancient tradition and it carries traditions from its lineage. Some practitioners speak in the traditional Eastern way. They may say "A mirror would be nice on this wall." You may think something like "And so would a picture... I hired you to do feng shui not be an interior decorator, besides I don't want a mirror there." But what they are really (not) saying is "you really need to hang a mirror on this wall to improve the chi of your home and life." It may even sound odder as in "Yellow pillow cases would be nice." Just go and get them! And not yellow sheets unless they say to. The right color in the proper place is powerful. They may or may not want to answer questions like "why?" so be careful asking. And please don't go and get yellow pillow cases because you read about it here. It is a very individual thing so they might not be good for you.

Mirrors are Powerful

If you're a DIY'er and using a classical form of feng shui, there is a tendency to us mirrors. This may be because you want a lot of improvement and intuit they are a powerful tool however they bring great challenge: They are also the quickest and easiest implement to do damage to yourself. "Eek!" you may say not knowing that feng shui can do damage. Mirrors can do a number of things depending on placement and empowerment. They can reflect energy, shift the effect and energetic placement of walls and much more. But if your home has two mirrors facing each other (even with a wall between them) and they will bounce energy back and forth again and again dramatically increasing everything between them, be it good or bad.

It's best to avoid mirrors unless you have been formally trained by a Feng Shui Master or practitioner who has been a long time student of a Master. The exception is a small bagua with mirror in the middle hung outside your house above your front door. Then there are lots of other feng shui activities you can do.

More Hints and Tips

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Try it!

Feng shui is amazing. Whatever form of feng shui you choose, as long as it is done well it will improve your life. We wish you the best on your path.

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